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iPhone car controls deserve scrutiny

Automakers and NHTSA should watch Apple's plans to use iphone to control vehicle functions like air conditioning, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.

Highlights from the latest episodes of 'Daily Drive', October 15-21

Here are edited highlights from the latest episodes of 'Daily Drive', Automotive News' weekday podcast, October 15-21, hosted by Steve Schmith and Jamie Butters.

IHS production outlook: Bad now, record high in '24

This year's lows in light-vehicle sales and production will give way to sharp increases in years to come, according to projections.

Ready for electric drifting? Genesis is

The first battery-electric Genesis features Drift Mode, which engages software settings for power and braking to allow for a controlled slide.

Will Musk be galaxy's first trillionaire?

SpaceX, the private space exploration company he leads, could lift the Tesla CEO to trillionaire status, according to one source.

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